Vizio’s Latest News – Can Vizio Compete in the PC Industry?

Vizio is a privately held producer of consumer electronics and was founded by William Wang, Laynie Newsome and Ken Lowe in 2002. It also produces audio, video equipment, LCD computer monitors and HDTV accessories.

The company has also launched a number of electronics including Vizio mobile phones known as Via Phone as well as tablets known as Via tablets.

Vizio Laptops:

It has recently entered the notebook market and has been proven to make quite an impressive effort since the launch of its two latest thin and light high resolution screens.

The two laptops include the 14″ model (CT 14) which is equipped with a 1600 by 900 resolution display and up to 7 hours of battery life while the 15.6″ (CT15) model includes a display up to 1080 and battery life of 6 hours.

A range of Intel Ivy Bridge ULV processors are available and they include: Core i3-3217u (1.8 GHz), i5-3317v (1.7 GHz) and i7-3517v (1.9 GHz).

The two Vizio laptops have 4GB of RAM and Integrated HD 4000 graphics and can reach up to 256 GB SSDS.

Both laptops measure less than 0.33 inches thick and have aluminum unibody designs as well as HDMI and USB 3.0 ports and are only for $898 each.

Vizio All In One PC:

Vizio’s all-in-one pc is one of the latest designs with entertainment features which include the latest generation of Intel Core Processors and a 24″ or 27″ full HD display all in one package. This powerful PC is great to enjoy because you can use it for movies, games, and internet and work the same as u would a TV.

With a beautiful design, an amazing full HD (1920 BY 1080 resolution) in an advanced ultrathin display and a crystal clear image, you can sit back and enjoy a combination of fun and work with excellent images on screen thanks to top quality materials that were used in making.

In addition to powerful graphics, this all-in-one PC also has a rich SRS premium sound HD with a subwoofer for 2.1 surround sound and a powerful performance with maximum speed delivered by the power of 3rd generation Intel Core Processors.

Enjoy Vizio’s all-in-one PC’s, and take advantage of 1TB internal hard drives, quick boot-ups, and exceptionally fast performance and forget about waiting!

It also includes 802.11n WiFi and 10/1000 gigabit Etherent, an integrated 1.3 MP HD cam and a high quality microphone to enjoy with when chatting with family and friends!

Vizio’s all-in-one PC dual HDM1 inputs allow you to connect your satellite box or cable, gaming consoles and other entertainment devices in order for you to enjoy content just as you would on your standard TV!

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